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The Art Works Art School Fine Arts Certificate Program offers a challenging and varied curriculum that focuses on developing skills and techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and mixed media through an intensive course of study. A total of 9 credits are required to successfully complete and receive the Art Works Art School Fine Arts Certificate. This includes 5 compulsory credit courses and 4 electives to be completed either full time or part time. The full time option will allow you to complete all 9 credits in one year or three terms (Fall/Winter/ Spring), at 3 credits a term. The part-time schedule will allow you to complete the program within 2 to 3 years with 1 to 2 courses per term over 6 terms, or 1 course per term over 9 terms. Each term of intensive study is worth 3 credits for a total of 9 credits. This program covers all requirements in both the Compulsory Credit category and the Electives category. High school students are required to successfully complete 3 terms of Senior Portfolio Development (Fall/Winter/Spring) to receive their certificate of completion The Senior Portfolio Development program is not available to mature students and is only offered to high school students.

Compulsory Credit Courses (*CC)

1. Colour and Composition
2. Draw and Paint for the Beginner
3. Drawing Beginner Intermediate
 or Life Drawing and Painting
4. Introduction to Painting
5. Independent Studio

Electives (*EL)

1. Abstract Painting
2. Landscape Painting
3. Drawing
4. Watercolour
5. Digital Photography
6. Acrylic or Oil Painting
7 Portraits in Pastel and Paint
8. Sculpture and Paper Arts
9. Printmaking and Mixed Media Techniques
10. Drawing Intermediate/Advanced

The Independent Studio program encourages students to work towards producing a cohesive body of work (several pieces or a series) of consistent quality and content through their chosen medium or mediums. The instructor will assist the student in achieving this objective through experimentation and exploration of techniques and subject matter. Students will develop their own unique vision and direction.

Only courses marked either (*CC) or (*EL) will count as a credit towards the Art Works Art School Fine Art Certificate. All compulsory and elective credits are studio courses with the exception of Independent Studio which can include a written component in the form of an artistís statement for advanced students working towards an exhibition of their work.

Recommendations: We strongly recommend that adult students interested in pursuing our certificate program as a portfolio building opportunity, enroll into a sculpture or printmaking class as an elective credit.

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