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Code Of Conduct:

At Art Works Art School our motto is “Behave your best and dress your worst!”

*No bare feet! Shoes, sandals or boots should be worn at all times

Behavioral Policy:
Students should conduct themselves in a respectful manner with both fellow students and teachers a like. No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated. Students are asked to respect the work and space of other students as well as the studio environment in general. Care and caution should be used when handling all tools, equipment, and materials used in the making of projects. Hand washing before and after snack is expected of all students.

Dress Policy:
Students are asked to dress informally with casual, loose, and comfortable clothing. Any type of dress that will restrict the student from fully engaging in the art making process should not be worn. Art making is often a messy process, and children will get messy! Smocks are provided for each student, but there will inevitably be times when a smock may not protect the entire body from paints, printing inks, and other materials that may stain clothing. Please use common sense when dressing for art class.





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