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Top of the pageWhat our Students say about Adult Classes:
“It was my lucky day when I first walked into Art Works. I learned so much here and have never enjoyed the learning process more. Art Works Art School has become a favourite place for me to come. You have an all-star team of amazingly inspirational and thoroughly gifted teachers. I hold AWAS in the highest esteem.
-Muhammad Irfan Aziz graduate, fine art certificate program”

“Thanks for introducing me to the wonders of Printmaking. I still marvel at the ease and grace with which you taught this amazing art form. In TSA I run into many people who, after taking months of classes are still bewildered and confused by Printmaking. Along with knowledge and process, I learned about clarity and focus from you. Because of teachers like you I have developed great respect and much appreciation for Printmakers.
-Muhammad Irfan Aziz graduate, fine art certificate program”

“Marija was warm and encouraging and brought out my very best – Adult watercolour student”
“Val was so encouraging in Draw and Paint. I have never painted before and Val encouraged me to continue painting even though I thought I was “art challenged”, but now I realize I ‘m not. Thank You Val”
“I really enjoyed the printmaking class, Lauren showed us many useful techniques that I will definitely use in the future”

“Lauren is passionate about what she teaches, which is very motivating… she brought out the best in us. In the Abstract class lauren was always paying attention to each individual students needs, she also respected the pace of each student. She was very supportive and a great source of inspiration… the class had lots of great techniques ”

“Essential information was given but not too much. Olga Battaglia showed much respect for the learning process.”
“She [Marija Barac-Jendric] really allowed us to find our own style.”
“Marija [Barac-Jendric] is a great person with excellent teaching skills and is very inspirational!”
“I loved the format [Art for the terrified]. Val LeBlanc knows her stuff…I liked her approach to basics, she is fabulous and so encouraging…”

What Parents say about Free to be Three and Kinder Kids:
“My children now play ‘Art School’ at home. They both just love art making and want to continue with it.”
“There is a very fine balance between supporting, challenging, and encouraging.”
“It is great that art theory is introduced at a level geared to the kid’s age.”
“It is wonderful to hear my daughter use art terms!”
“Lauren [Renzetti] lets kids be themselves and has a lot to teach them.”
“Instructor is very encouraging and uses lots of positive description.”
“My daughter was always excited to attend next class…”

Top of the pageWhat Parents say about Children’s Classes:
“My son has fallen more in love with art. Thank you.”
“[Instructors] are organized and very clear in giving instruction…”
“Kevin Fraser, [Animation] is very clear and very patient.”
“Engaging, enthusiastic, encouraging”
“Explains things clearly and gives individual attention.”
“Very friendly and supportive”

What children tell their parents:
“I want to take art classes with Lauren every day for 100 years. And if she dies I will make art on her grave every day for another 100.”
“They are the Bees Knees [at Art Works]!”

What Students say about our Certificate Program:
“I am so glad you have this program , it is a great foundation system, art works provided me with the best experience I have ever had in a place of learning.”

What Students say about Birthday Parties at Art Works:
“They activities they offer at art works are great for boys and girls… it was wonderful having so many options to choose from…. What great loot bags…Mike was a very good instructor, so patient especially with such a large group of 6 year olds.. the kids had a great time and loved the cartoon cell painting very much… my daughter liked the birthday so much she wants to have it here again next year… what a great space for a party and the people that work there are so nice.. support for the students was great! ….what a perfect event ! Thank you !
It amazed me how quiet and controlled the kids were during the art activity, we all really enjoyed it.”

Comments about Family days with Bronwen:
“We enjoy all of the activities tremendously
Bronwen is fantastic
We love art works, it is so affordable and different art happens each family day
We are too busy to sign up for classes, this is a perfect thing to do with your family on a Sunday, thank you art works!”

Comments about Portfolio Prep for Teens:
“Olga was a great help to develop my skills further. I will return next term because I know I can improve under Olga’s guidance.
Olga is an incredibly patient and thorough teacher. My daughter’s portfolio looks great thanks to Olga.
My daughter has high praises for Olga!”

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